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Dan Meyer is a senior mathematics student at the University of California in Davis and, for as long as he can remember, has wanted to be a Guinness World Record holder. His freshman year, through a process no less arbitrary than simple elimination (fastest caterpillar, most elastic man, and best-selling reggae album, for example, were among those immediately eliminated), decided to attempt the current record for the longest chain of paperclips made in 24 hours.

This website has been established for the curious and the supportive. The News contains updates on Dan's progress while The Drive represents a philanthropic side-note to the actual record attempt. Comments can be left in the Guestbook. The Date will be May 23, 2003.

Latest News: 07.11.03 - Guinness rejected the results of the May 23 practice run for the reasons we all expected (couldn't measure it end to end). But what were our goals, really? We needed to feel out the Guinness judges, determine our own stamina and endurance levels, and become fully ready for the real thing. And I feel we've done all of that and then some. So tune back in during fall of 2003 (date to be announced) for the full force paperclip challenge.

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